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Writing for Recruiters



  • 22 years as a Recruiter

  • Consistent President's Club Winner

  • 600K+ Biller 

  • Former APA Technical Copyeditor

  • Speaker & Panelist at Regional Events

  • Published author & ghostwriter

Strategic Writing Solutions to Build Your Brand

We leverage the skills and experience gained over 25 years as a writer, editor, and agency recruiter to help $100K billers become President's Club winners and lift seasoned veterans to become $500K+ producers.

Our goal is to shorten placement cycles, improve send-out ratios, and enhance your brand through quality writing and insight. 

We provide a fundamentally relevant, loyalty-building offering for GNR offices, their candidates, and potential clients that can be adapted and scaled based on the unique style and workflow of individual desks.


It can be as simple as sending candidates a special landing page link . . . adding a "Resume Services" Link to your homepage . . . or we can partner with you through dozens of potential strategic projects. The solution is yours.  

Turn can’t-place candidates into referral sources ● Decrease time-to-submittals ● Invest in the careers of potential hiring managers ● Tailor cover letters & resumes to must-have criteria ● Transform 4-page messes into engaging 2-page stories24-hour and same-day turnarounds available Layouts customized for your  niche ● Make submittals clearer, more professional & more attractiveImpress with digital resumes, Infographic styles & other new formats Match resumes to your client’s cultural elements ● Ghostwriting for Industry Trade Articles  ● Exude professionalism with uniform formatsAll levels from <5 years to C-Level and Board members Reduce distractions and time-consuming resume repair Decrease reader focus on age, short jobs, or lack of experienceBrand your firm as an end-to-end candidate solution

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