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Consultants - AKA Independent Contractors - perform some of the most critical and innovative work in every field, yet few resume writers understand or meet their particular needs. 

Senior-level professionals who divide their time between selling their services and fulfilling their contract engagements require another level of marketing savvy.   

If their resume focuses too much on consulting work, those assignments may be misinterpreted as short job lengths.

If their resumes overemphasize their FTE career, their audience may worry that they lack the collaboration skills and poise needed to walk into a client and influence upper management and employees.

Your resume, LinkedIn profiles (personal and corporate), and websites must align and flow. Each will be scrutinized before a prospect invests in your consulting services.​

Our attractive and flexible Consultant Branding packages provide the tools to capture and hold the attention of your target decision-maker and project stakeholders.

During your initial phone consultation, we will discuss your goals and the potential benefits of the Consultant upgrade.

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