MRINetwork Frequently asked questions

Who pays for your services?

MRINetwork offices receive a 33% discount on all services billed directly to the office. This would cover instances in which the office elects to pay. Example: The office wants to impress a client or prospect by submitting resumes with a uniform design. Offices may in turn pass the discount on to individuals who will pay directly for their services. Example 1: A candidate who asks for a referral to a resume writer is provided our contact information by an AE or PC. Example 2: The office elects to connect to us through a link under "Candidate Services" on the office's Home page.

How long does it take to complete a resume?

We strive to complete first drafts within 3 working days for projects billed to MRINetwork offices and within 5 working days for projects billed to candidates. If there are reasons we suspect a draft will take longer (typically due to the condition of the material we are provided to work from), we will predict an estimated timeframe during or within hours of the initial Intake call. Expedited same-day and next-day turnarounds are possible at an additional fee (see MRI pricing page at and are subject to our workload at the moment. We will not take on assignments that would require us to sacrifice quality. Once the initial draft is approved, we can complete any requested modifications within 24 hours, often within the same day.

How much is the AE or PC involved in the process?

If the work is initiated by the MRINetwork office (typically in situations in which we are biilling the office), we will start the project with an Intake call with the office's point person for the project. This call can range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the level of complexity. Future intake calls may take 15 minutes or can be substituted with an email. When we work with an MRINetwork desk, we quickly develop an understanding of their clients' expectations, (niche) industry terminology, hot buttons, and other nuances that enable us to complete projects in less time and up-front time investment on the part of the AE or PC. If the work is initiated by a referred candidate (typically candidate-paying), we will alert the AE/PC who referred the candidate to ask for any additional input they wish to share that would make the candidate more placeable.

Do you share resumes with other MRINetwork offices?

Absolutely not. We are bound by NDA that covers all Network offices. We will never communicate any information or send completed resumes to anyone other that the AE/PC who originated the project or referred the candidate. As former AE's from the MRINetwork system, we take this seriously and will immediately bring to the office's Owner any situation that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest.

What if I don't like your format?

We have a "standard-but-flexible" 2-page approach we use for the majority of resumes. This is not a template - It is a set of best practices developed over time that favors clarity, attractiveness, lack of repetition, relevancy (if created for a specifc send-out), the ability to engage the reader within 5-10 seconds, and to hold their attention through a deep line read. We clarify all expectations in the Intake call. We avoid heavy formatting that can cause an issue for an HR department that relies on ATS software. That said, we are happy to attempt different styles and approaches to length, format, and overall presentation. We welcome our clients to share a particular example of a resume format they want us to duplicate. We can usually build a copy of a new format, although something particularly complicated may require additional time.

Do you offer LinkedIn profile services?

It usually depends on who is paying for the work If the project is under the direction of an MRINetwork office: We will ask whether they want us to include a LinkedIn optimization checklist. If the candidate initiates the project: We will check with their AE/PC referral source to determine whether there is any conflict in providing LinkedIn, Cover Letter, or other services to the candidate. In all situations, we will avoid any situation that would not be beneficial to the interests of the AE/PC, and will immediately communicate any potential issues to the referring office.

What does your LinkedIn Checklist include?

We cannot log in to a client's LinkedIn account, but we will assemble a checklist to ensure the important fields are completed, provide text that can be copied and pasted into the About section, and will include a list of best LinkedIn practices. We will not create a checklist for a candidate if the AE/PC who refers them asks us not to. (We will ask whether they have any objection to this service before offering it.) In such cases, we will politely refer the candidate to the profile-building guidance offered within the LinkedIn site itself.