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Phone call or email consultation

Evaluation of resume +

LinkedIn profile

Q&A about process + services

No obligation

Free phone consultation

1-page or 2-page resume

LinkedIn profile optimization

Search strategy + support

Free phone consultation

1-page or 2-page resume

Optional specialty resume

LinkedIn profile optimization

Search strategy + support



Designed for 1-person LLC's + small firms

Free phone consultation

2-page "blended" resume

1-page "Consulting" resume

LinkedIn: personal + company profiles

Marketing letter

Sales strategy + support


Contact for Pricing

You report to the C-suite or the Board

Free phone consultation

Complete 2-page resume

1-page "Executive" resume

LinkedIn profile optimization

Search strategy + support

Individual Services


Includes (1) single-page or

2-page resume:

<5 years of experience: $250

5+ years of experience: $500

Executive-level: $650

Cover letter package: $150

(only $100 when combined with

any resume package)

LinkedIn profile: $150

Executive Bio: $125


Consulting website edit: $350.

(Only $250 if added to the

Consulting package)

Resume length is dependent on the individual's education, experience, skills, and career goals. This will be covered in the phone consultation. 

Sales strategy + support varies by individual and industry focus but can include discussion of job-seeking tactics, referrals to employers or additional search-related resources, interview preparation, or technology recommendations.   

Cover letter package includes 3 cover letter templates that are highly detailed and build on can resume themes as well as universally desirable hiring characteristics in individual markets. They contain numerous prompts and word choice selections, are highly flexible, and include variations for on-line ad applications, network-driven introductions, and one version that can be used in any circumstances not covered by the first two versions. $50 off when combined with any Resume package. 

The Professional package includes the option of a 2nd version with a difference in emphasis and minor changes to content. For example, if a client wishes to pursue both sales and sales management roles; if a client intends to pursue both product management and marketing roles; or a resume geared toward a specific industry + 1 non-industry-specific version. NOTE: This is not a completely different 2nd resume but a shift in emphasis with some new content. Details + expectations will be covered in the initial phone consultation.  


Consultant Pricing for multiple-employee firms is $750 for the 1st package and $600 for each additional package.

The Blended consulting resume refers to a resume that integrates consulting engagements with a full-time employment history in a high-impact, easy-to-read format intended to establish the consultant's credentials as an expert in their field.

The 1-page Consulting resume is a high-level companion to the more detailed 2-page version. It can be used as marketing collateral, a "teaser" paired with the more comprehensive 2-page resume, or made accessible on the consultant's professional website.


The 1-page Executive resume is a high-level overview of the 2-page version intended for review by C-level audiences, board members, or investors. 

Free Consultation/

Resume Review




New Grads or <5 years of experience



5+ years of experience

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