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Step 1 - Compare Plans

Step 2 - Schedule a free consultation to discuss 


MRI Price (33% discount): 



Free phone consultation

Complete 1-page or 2-page resume

Can rewrite from an existing resume

or build from "scratch"

LinkedIn Help



Phone call or email consultation

Evaluation of resume + LinkedIn profile


Answer questions about process + services

No obligation

Free phone consultation

1-page or 2-page resume

LinkedIn profile optimization

Cover letter package



MRI Price (33% discount): 


Designed for 1-person LLC's + small firms

Free phone consultation

2-page "blended" resume

1-page "Consulting" resume

LinkedIn: personal + company profiles

Marketing letter

Sales strategy + support




You report to the C-suite or the Board

Free phone consultation

Complete 2-page resume

1-page "Executive" resume

LinkedIn profile optimization

Cover letter package

Search strategy + support

MRI Price (33% discount): 

Individual Services


Includes (1) single-page or

2-page resume: $450

after MRI (33%) discount: $300

Cover letter package: $150

After MRI Discount: $100

LinkedIn profile: $150

After MRI Discount: $100

Executive Bio: $150.

After MRI Discount: $100

Next-Day Turnaround: +$150

Same-Day Turnaround: +250

Resume length is dependent on the individual's education, experience, skills, and career goals. This will be covered in the phone consultation. 

Consultant Pricing for multiple-employee firms is $500 for the 1st package (with MRI Discount) and $400 for each additional package.

The Blended consulting resume integrates consulting engagements with a full-time employment history in a high-impact, easy-to-read format intended to establish the consultant's credentials as an expert in their field.

The 1-page Consulting resume is a high-level companion to the more detailed 2-page version. It can be used as marketing collateral, a "teaser" paired with the more comprehensive 2-page resume, or made accessible on the consultant's professional website.


The 1-page Executive resume is a high-level overview of the 2-page version intended for review by C-level audiences, board members, or investors. 

Next-Day & Same-Day Turnaround is subject to availability. The standard time to complete the first draft is 3 to 4 business days.

Free Consultation/

Resume Review



MRI Price (33% discount): 



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